Our Story

Nagipe Viana Klem, the family’s patriarch, started his path with the coffee in the mid 50’s. Initially with a property in a region known as “Pedra Dourada”. Currently, there are eleven farms in the countryside of Luisburgo- MG.

Nagipe Viana was always a business and innovative men. Always ahead of his time. He was already worried about environmental issues, even when it was not a relevant topic.

Over the years, he was giving his knowledge to his children, and from 2010, when César, Sérgio, Moacir and Cláudio took on the coffee production, and knew how to improve everything that they had made.

Nagipe Viana’s children knew how to ally the knowledge about coffee production, earned from their father, and improved it, bringing new technologies.

The producer César Klem says that “My father always liked the things very well done. He always made really good coffees. But, when he was going to sell it, he didn’t find buyers that valued the quality that it had. It was so that he started to look at other alternatives to sell. My father started to take the coffee to Varginha (south of Minas) and Santos (São Paulo). From there, he started to get differentiated prices for the quality of the coffee”. Reminds.

From 2010, when the children took on the management of the properties, they started to participate at fairs and noticed that there was a much bigger universe for the special coffees. They made devastating investments, new land, more dryers, a greenhouse with African bed, and stated to participate in competitons. “It was coming back by the acknowledgment of our coffee by its quality. The market noticed that we had a coffee with a different quality, because of the height, the treatment, the varieties and the weather that we have. I went to other cities, made courses, and we started to understand more the issue of the special coffees. We started to access the markets that we didn’t know”, says César Klem.